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Adwrods, Adwods and Adrods are usual typing errors made when a user types Google AdWords into a search engine. I had a lot of fun burying those typos in the text while I was writing this, see if you can spot them while you are reading this article.

Google AdWords was launched in 2000 and soon took over as the leader in pay per click advertising by utilising the phenomenal success of the Google search engine.

Google Adwrods is an advertizing system based on results, so you pay only for actual visitors who click your advertizement and physically visit your web site. You never pay for page or ad impressions.

Advertisers using the Adwods system bid for placement in the Google search engine as well as the thousands of independent and individual partnered web sites.

By bidding for placement of specific keywords and key phrases relating only to their business the advertiser will receive highly targeted visitors to their web site. Take the example of an internet marketing wizard who would make bids for the keyword, "marketing", and the phrases "internet marketing specialist" and "online advertising". Often there will be tens or even hundreds of keywords and phrases that a company could use to target customers.

You can start bidding for keyword position from as little as 2 cents per click but to be successful you may need to place much higher bids. Bidding too low may result in your advertisement not being placed in the first few pages. Best results are obviously gained from you ad being in the number one position. The lower down the first page your ad is placed the less successful your ad campaign will be, if you ad is positioned on the second or subsequent pages you won't get many visitors to your web site. At the time of writing this article the example phrase "internet marketing specialist" given in the last paragraph needed around $14.50 to be placed in the number one position.

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The placement of your Google Adrods ad is effected by other factors determined by Google other than your bid, for instance the actual click through rate (CTR) your ad generates could effect its positioning in the listing for a specific keyword.

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There are several useful tools and reports provided by Google when you sign up for AdWords, these include a tool to help advertisers select relevant keywords which allows you to search for keywords by performance, popularity, cost and estimated ad position. The sales conversion tools allow you to track exactly how many clicks have resulted in purchases or sign-ups, giving you a return on investment figure right down to keyword level. There are also tools to help you stay within budget and monitor your click through rate. New enhancements to the reporting systems allow you to see data on impressions, clicks, average cost per click (CPC), cost, and average position giving you a great insight into how to tune your ads for best performance.

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Your Google Adwod ads are created in three parts, a heading, two lines of descriptive text and a URL. They tend to look like the Google ads you see in the right hand column of a Google search or like the ads near the top and bottom of this page but there are several variations on the theme. Individual web site owners partnered with Google, such as myself, decide how the ads are placed on the page following strict guidelines agreed to with Google.

If your business or web site is in need of a promotional boost you would need to go a long way to find a better method than the Google AdWords program.

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